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  1. As a result of the advisory Catalan independence referendum, 2017, reactions came from a multitude of avenues, including the domestic central state and other official.
  2. Sep 26, 2017 · The Spanish region declared independence after a referendum that the courts called illegal. What are the origins of the secessionist movement, and what has.
  3. Oct 01, 2017 · BARCELONA, Spain — Catalonia's defiant attempt to stage an independence referendum descended into chaos on Sunday, with hundreds injured in clashes.
  4. ister Mariano Rajoy said Catalonia's attempts to run an independence referendum were 'illegal and undemocratic
  5. Violence use has been a exception, not the rule. I could translate the news from a woman judge who walk with police teams during the referendum day visiting schools.
  6. Referendum on independence for Catalonia set to go ahead on October 1 despite government crackdown in the region
  7. Catalonia's pro-independence leaders then went ahead with a full referendum on 1 October 2017,.

The president of the Spanish region of Catalonia vows to hold a referendum on independence in 2017 Event Status Submission Type: Controversy, Protest Year 2017 Origin Unknown Tags catalonia, spain, independence, referendum Additional Reference The regional Government of Catalonia held a referendum on Catalan independence on 1 October 2017. This referendum was first called for in June 2017 and was approved. Located in the North-Eastern part of the country, Catalonia is one of Spain's richest and most developed regions with a majority of the population living in its.

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Catalonia says it plans to hold a referendum. Spanish authorities say the referendum is illegal Sep 30, 2017 · Catalonia's independence vote: What you need How did Catalonia's independence movement get started? Catalonia There will be no referendum;.

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Inside Catalonia's pro-independence movement: Friday 8 December 2017 22:17 Catalonia independence referendum:. Catalonia will hold a referendum on independence from Spain on October 1, the region's head Carles Puigdemont has said. The announcement on Friday set the.

(05.02.2017) Catalans hold mass pro-independence campaigners held a non-binding independence referendum in Catalonia which was organized by volunteers. Catalan independence referendum, 2017. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better Celebrations on Montjuic on June 11, 2017, after the announcement of the date of the October 1 referendum on independence for Catalonia. Amadalvarez.

Catalonia's regional government on Friday chose Oct. 1 as the date for a referendum on a split from Spain, stepping up the confrontation with the country's. A Barcelona court on Tuesday charged 30 people with misuse of public funds over Catalonia's 2017 independence referendum, a move that may worsen tensions.

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